Kristian Lee

Kristian is ACA qualified.  He has been with Crowther Chartered Accountants since he finished at Greenhead College in 2013. Kristian progressed quickly through his qualifications, thanks to much hard work!

Kristien loves sports; his competitive nature makes him a great choice for your team, especially when playing tennis. His other passion is watching Huddersfield Town AFC at the weekends.

When colleagues were asked to describe him, there were a few comments about his singing around the office. Office Manager Steph said, “he shouldn’t leave accountancy to pursue singing as a career!” We hope that’s because you’re highly valued as an accountant Kristian!

When asked what he would take with him to a desert island, Kristian wasn’t about to be fooled by the question, so he replied, “A boat, a map and a compass.” You’ll be back to civilisation in no time then!

To contact Kristian directly, ask to speak to him at the Crowther Chartered Accountants office (Huddersfield) on 01484 515544 or email

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