Becky Mayoh

Becky joined the Crowther payroll team in 2021. Before joining Crowther, she worked in the accountancy sector for ten years as part of a bookkeeping team. When asked if there is anything different in this role from her previous work experience, she said, ‘There is a big emphasis on socialising and team building outside work. As a result, I have become friends with the individuals in the team rather than just colleagues.’

Becky is busy outside work as she has three young children (a son and twin daughters) who certainly keep her on her toes. She and her family love and visit the magical Disney World as often as possible, but she did say it’s always a military operation. The small things that make Becky happy – the sound of rain, the smell of burning candles, chocolate and a trip to the theatre.

Becky had kept her obvious talent for sport quiet; when she was at school, she won multiple awards in track events, netball and rounders and even as she got older, she never lost that competitive nature.

When asked what possession she could not live without, she replied my photo album. ‘I still print out my favourite memories from the past and present.’

To contact Becky directly, ask to speak to her at the Crowther Chartered Accountants office (Huddersfield) on 01484 515544 or email

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