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Would Clearbooks suit my business?

Clearbooks is cloud accountancy software for sole traders and small businesses. It suits small businesses as it easy to manage invoicing and adding expenses to clearbooks quick and easy.

How easy is Clearbooks to use?

Clearbooks is an easy software to use as they offer support for businesses and also have features of a drag and drop customisation offer where you can view what is most important to you on your dashboard.

What are the benefits of Clearbooks?

Clearbooks offer VAT, CIS and multi-currency features as a standard unlike other accountancy software packages. Also clearbooks offer free unlimited users with a cheap subscription price it can be very helpful.

Are there any limitations of using Clearbooks?

In clearbooks the main limitation is matching off transactions in bank reconciliation. If the bank does not reconcile it’s a multi-step process in order to find the differences and this can be time consuming.

What are the costs of Clearbooks?

Clearbooks starts at £10 per month for a small business or £21 for a larger business needing VAT and CIS features.

To view a short video about Clearbooks click here


For further information or training on how to use these products please email us or give the office a call as we are always happy to help.

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