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Our company Control House was started in 2003, specialising in electrical & software-based Control systems. In the early days of Control House we used a small local accountant, followed by a move to different accountant as the business grew. About two years ago we were made aware that our then accountant was retiring and selling the business and we thought it was the right time to look for a new accountancy firm. Our advice up to this point was largely reactive.

As a company who is looking to go over £2million turnover in the next 3 years, we looked at a possible move to one of the Leeds City Centre based firms, thinking that this would be the best way to get the right strategic proactive business advice we needed. In the midst of the talks with one of these practices, I questioned a trusted work associate about them. She replied that she had heard little about the firm I mentioned but could recommend Crowther Accountants, Huddersfield all day long!

How right was this recommendation!! Over this last year Crowther has done a real strategic overhaul of our business. Not only has their work saved us significant amounts of money, it has all come at a cost that is less that the Leeds City Centre firms. Crowther are so much more than an accountancy practice. They are totally proactive in every area from R & D to grant funding, to strategic business connections and planning. New areas for us such as CIS are not only supported but there seems to be a free training day offered for every area we ask about! As well as our own accountant, account manager and fantastic team of experienced accountancy staff, we are also given generous access to a highly experienced business manager with a wealth of experience. I asked how much it would be for this person to be involved in sourcing a new bank move and supporting us in all the funding applications that came with it. I was very impressed to hear that this was all part of the service.

One of perhaps the most surprising thing about the move to Crowther is how watching their company has made me think about ours. Their team are really close knit and love what they do. They have a lot of team building and empowerment of the team and it shows. Their branding is like something from Silicon Valley throughout the whole building, which greatly inspired us so much so that we are actually in talks with their designer to do our new website. Client relationships are built as partnerships.

Crowther are an accountancy that have a real vibrancy and actually make accountancy enjoyable and exciting (something I thought was impossible!). I went to a wonderful tennis and networking day last year which was not only great fun but provided a superb platform to get to know the staff at Crowther better and form some very interesting business opportunities.

Genuinely it would be a real travesty of justice if Crowther did not get the recognition they so richly deserve!

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