Meet the team / Tommy Devitt

Everyone in the Crowther’s team would like to give our new accounts apprentice, Tommy Devitt, a warm welcome as he begins his journey at Crowther Chartered Accountants.

After completing two weeks work experience with us, we are excited to welcome Tommy to the team, who will be completing his AAT qualification.

Now that he has officially completed 3 weeks with us, we got up to speed with his progression and how he is settling in with the team and getting used to a working environment as apposed to being in education.

Below are some of the questions he has answered for us…

What was you doing before you started at Crowther?

In June of 2019 I finished my A Levels at Greenhead college where I was studying Maths, History and Economics. Up until then I was planning on going to university to study ‘Supply Chain Management’.

Before I joined Crowther, I was doing some work experience in the finance team at Brewfitt. I always knew I wanted to work in the financial industry therefore this work experience gave me an insight into a career I felt passionate about.

During this time, between finishing college and debating whether to go to university, my work experience helped me figure out what my future career path would entail, in accountancy.

What was your first day at Crowther like?

I started working at Crowther on 2/03/2020. On my first day, I got shown around the office, so that I was familiar with my surroundings.

The induction process was simple, clear and also allowed me to meet everyone.

Previous to this I completed 2 weeks work experience here, which I thoroughly enjoyed and lead to my decision of starting a career in accountancy as oppose to University.

How have you found the transition from a day in education to a full working day?

At Greenhead college, although I completed and passed my courses, I did find the method of learning tedious and quite monotonous. Working at Crowther’s, I have realised that I get much more work done than when I was at college, and much prefer the timetable of a working day rather than a college timetable.

Why did you choose the apprenticeship route as oppose to carrying on in education?

While I was applying for university, I attended numerous open days, in which I realised that university learning wasn’t for me.  My next option was to look for an apprenticeship which would also allow me to learn on the job, and have the best of both worlds. (earning valuable experience while gaining an important qualification)

Do you think working has changed you in any way?

Yes, in the short time that I have started working I am more organised and better at managing my time. For example, getting into a daily routine before and during work.

Describe what is the top skill you have developed whilst working at Crowther.

My communication skills have developed the most as I am working with other people in a team environment. Apart from this I am developing my role related skills every day. This includes VAT returns and working with bank statements. Familiarising myself with software such as receipt bank and Xero.

Describe the first thing that springs to mind when asked about your job role at Crowther.

Challenging but rewarding!

How do you find the team at Crowther?

They help me with any task that I am struggling with. Everyone in the team are really friendly and welcoming.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

Staring my training course at Kirklees College later in the year and getting to know the team better.

Passing the AAT qualification and hopefully progress on to becoming a chartered accountant.


Apart from his start at Crowther, here is a little bit more about Tommy and what he gets up to outside of work…


What do you do in your spare time?

I sometimes play golf with my mates. I regularly play football with my mates, as well as watching football, which I support my local team Huddersfield Town.

What would you say is your top achievement so far?

Achieving grades that I am proud of, in both college and secondary school which have allowed me to achieve my goals and further my knowledge.

If you had a wish what would it be?

To watch the Ryder Cup in America or for Town to win the premier league.


All of the team are looking forward to assisting him with his development and progression over the months ahead.

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