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Today marks International Women’s Day; a day dedicated to females across the globe. At Crowther, we’re passionate about championing women in business and so we’ve taken the opportunity to ask our female workforce what the day really means to them.

“Equality for me means that both men & women are valued and treated the same in the workplace regardless of their gender.

“I particularly like working in the accountancy industry as a female, as I think it is a career that requires brain power, something both men and women can provide in equal measure.

“I really enjoy working at Crowther as I feel they are very supportive, with regards to both work and my studies. The office is definitely a very equal mix of both men and women, including the fact that there are a few managers that are also women, which is very encouraging and motivating!” – Caroline Pinder, Trainee Accountant


“Equality in the workplace to me, means that everyone is treated fairly and with respect. When the staff are treated equally, they will always go above and beyond in the work they do.

“Working in the accounting industry is very rewarding as there are so many aspects to it which means there will always be a challenge to achieve.” – Chloe Leeming, Payroll Assistant


“Equality to me means that we can come to work without feeling inferior to the male members of staff, everyone can talk openly and express opinions regardless of gender.

Within the team at Crowther there are managers of both sexes, which can make it a lot easier when you need someone to talk to, as you can imagine it’s sometimes easier to discuss problems with another woman.

I think the accounting industry has been dominated for so long by males that even now, as a woman, you can tell someone the career you are in and they can still be shocked.” – Caroline Delee, Senior Bookkeeper


“I enjoy working at Crowther because everyone in the office gets on so well, regardless of gender, there are no divides here.” – Zoe Collins Hayward


“I haven’t personally experienced gender inequality, perhaps this is because I don’t have to tolerate it and also because Crowther as a business, does not accept it. However, I am well aware that it exists in other work places.  

“Sadly, it is extremely prevalent within many infrastructures. The mainstream one that springs to mind is the struggle women have juggling a work and home life balance. Many working mums with children have to contend on a day-to-day basis with all the issues surrounding their role. 

“It seems even in this day and age women are expected to take on the responsibility of childcare and work in full-time positions. But with every new generation, I do think progress is definitely being made. I sincerely hope that one day the term ‘female inequality’ will be something that we only read about in the history books.

“I love the people and the fantastic team we’ve built at Crowther, dare I say we are like a family here and I hope, as a consequence, it ripples through to both clients and contacts alike.” – Michelle Crowther, Marketing and Business Development Director


“At Crowther’s I feel like every person is treated equally regardless of sex or status, which is mainly down to the underlying culture of the company. Seeing Michelle and Steve working side by side, for the most part, and our practice manager being female, shows me that there is no gender inequality in our workplace.

“This means a lot to me as I think it makes it a nice/laid back and enjoyable atmosphere within the working environment and makes me want to get up and come to work on a morning.” – Gemma Giles, Payroll Manager


International Women’s Day is more than just a celebration of the movement for women’s rights. It’s also an indicator of awareness and interest in gender equality issues – and an opportunity for businesses to take a lead role in the conversation.

The 2017 World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap report recently found that gender parity is more than 200 years away. However, at Crowther we want to be at the forefront of these changes and show that we are working towards a more equal future for both males and females. International Women’s Day is a great day for us to reflect on this.






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