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What to do if employees can’t get into work 

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Companies can be affected by adverse weather conditions and industrial strikes when their workforces are unable to get into work.

If employees are stranded because of rail strikes or severe weather and can’t travel into work, then employers could explore alternative options. Suitable alternatives could be to agree to employees working from home, taking annual leave or using banked time off in lieu to cover the days. Additionally, you could examine whether you can be more flexible with employees and agree a temporary period of earlier or later start times with any time lost made up at a later date.

On occasions where the employee has made it into work but is late, they are not entitled to be paid for the time they have missed unless there is a contractual right which allows for this. But you may consider allowing the employee to make the time up elsewhere to avoid missing out on pay.

Other knock on effects of strike action can also impact your business, for example, where schools or childcare facilities have had to close because they are lacking staff. In this situation, employees have the right to take time off for dependants which allows a reasonable amount of unpaid leave to cover the period of making alternative arrangements. 

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