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The haulage industry within the UK is one of the fastest growing sectors. This has been helped in most, with the dramatic rise in internet shopping and a switch to importing products from overseas.

 By the end of 2016 there was in excess of 77,000 haulage companies registered in the UK and this is anticipated by now to have increased  by 30% by the time we reach the end of 2019.

 Haulage companies face many problems through their day to day operations, the main factor being the ever rising fuel prices, this is now the largest proportion of their operating costs, with vehicle maintenance , tyres repairs and depreciation being the other.

 Here at Crowther’s we specialise in helping haulage companies obtain finance for the purchase of new vehicles & trailers and also offer advice on the best accounting software available, as haulage companies tend to use bespoke software which in turns helps to minimise expenses and maximise profits.

Here’s a few haulage facts :

  •  28-30% of all HGV’s drive around empty
  • There is over 450,000 trucks in the UK
  • The average truck covers 108,000 a year

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